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Market: Medical

HPM used its materials knowledge to find the best grade of fortified polymer to create these core components for artificial feet. The demands of the application requires a flexible yet very tough material to be moulded around an aluminium cup, creating an artificial skeleton over which is moulded a cosmetic prosthesis. These parts went through very rigorous dynamic testing before being introduced into the market.

Artificial Foot
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Market: Engineering

Manufactured from the premier polymer PEEK, this component is designed to support a high powered laser lamp. These lasers are used in many engineering applications such as welding and cutting and can be found operating on car production lines like ford and General Motors. The material has to withstand very high temperatures and mechanical abuse.

Cream Mouldings Chimney
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Market: Media

Manufactured for a multi-national company, this over-moulded component is supplied to factories in the UK, Italy and Central America. The precision turned metal screw is manufactured by HPM and overmoulded in one of our specialist moulding machines to create a vital part for professional quality tripods used by many media operators.

Red Screws
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Market: Electronics

HPM’s ability to mould advanced polymers in thin sections allows us to create this high performance Bobbin for the lighting industry. Made from a very stiff polymer this Bobbin withstands the mechanical stresses of coil winding and the thermal stresses of soldering. The Bobbin is manufactured to very tight dimensional tolerances.

Black Cylinder and bits
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Market: Health and Safety

This vital component for Emergency Life Jackets exhibits all of the complexity required for such a demanding application. Various un-screwing and intersecting cores in the moulding tool mean only the most modern and accurate moulding machines will do. Dedication to quality control is vital to manufacturing such a critical device.

Vital component for Emergency Life Jackets
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Plastics Injection Moulding

For more than 20 years HPM has been in the vanguard of engineering moulding.

Providing a first class tooling and moulding service to most industry sectors. Close tolerance injection moulding and sub assemblies ~ Insert Moulding ~ 2-shot Overmoulding.

The company specializes in High Performance Polymers ~ PEEK ~ PPS ~ LCP.

State-of-the -art moulding equipment and hand-picked operators - HPM offers you a “best in class” moulding service - as good as you would find anywhere in the world.

For large production runs or short batch quantities our service will excel. We build and commission new tooling. Manufacturing controls include PPAP ~ AQP ~ FMEA plus full traceability of materials and production. A service you can trust.

Experienced managers are on hand to offer detailed advice on material selection and tooling configuration. To ensure you always get the best from your tooling investment and material choices.

Our deep knowledge of High Performance Polymers allows us to support a diverse range of customers covering most industry sectors. We work hard to understand the needs and constraints of our customers and strive to support their individual requirements.

Camera components to Costa Rica ~ Industrial instruments to Italy ~ Motor movements to Michigan. You can rely on us to get them there when you need them.

HPM has extended its moulding services by adding Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) to its portfolio.

To the extensive range of engineering plastics moulded by HPM has been added an exciting array of Sintered Metals ~ from Mild Steel to Titanium. The MIM process opens up endless possibilities to the adventurous designer and prudent buyer. “Metals Performance ~ Plastics Design”.

Give us a call. Discover how HPM could give your products the edge they deserve.

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